About Us

Our brand's dedication is to introducing the mind of the introvert through the use of casual fashion.



" Showing the world the beauty of the beautiful mind of the introvert is our mission." - River Introvert. 


As a company, we have collectively seen the beautiful minds of introverts and decided to show them off. Our brand intends to help introverts showcase their likes and dislikes without saying a word, helping them express themselves better and helping the world understand them. 


Story of the brand
John Alpha


The inspiration behind the brand has always been to build a casual wear community around the introvert. The Founder, "Mr. John Alpha" is a Nigerian entrepreneur, Graphic designer, Singer, and Songwriter. It's easy for the introvert to feel unseen and unheard, so this is what we intend to help the introvert do.


" I am not purely an introvert by I wish the world will know how great they are" this is one of his desires that started the brand. He has been working as a designer for about five years and is willing to put his work out there to achieve the company's goal. 


Showing the world the beauty of the beautiful mind of the introvert is our mission.


Our vision is to produce quality, comfortable and classy casual wear available to all age brackets and easily accessible where ever you are. Clothing, whatever kind, brings out the confidence in every human, and we want to be that confidence for introverts.  



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